What's GOERS All About?

We expose the best events and activities every day so you can go out and have some fun! Discover, book, and go, as simple as that. Goers is a daily going out app that curates a comprehensive information (venue, time, maps, pictures, videos) about exciting events and activities in town, coupled with a ticket reservation feature that allow users to buy it directly from the app.

How Does It All Work?

Our team go out relentlessly day and night to bring you the best events in your city. Some last-minute, some in advance, you can get your social life sorted out. Keep an eye on perks such as access to sold-out shows, invitation-only events, freebies and discounts.

How Do I Book An Event?

Find something you like on the app, click "Yes, I'm In", select your ticket type and how many, then confirm the booking. We will ask you to transfer the money to our account, then you can confirm your purchase by finishing the payment confirmation process. After you click Confirm Payment, we'll validate your ticket, and voila! You are ready to go!

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Nope, we think it lames to slip in fees and charges just before you confirm your booking. At Goers, you pay what you see. Always.

How Do I Get In To The Event Once I've Booked?

All the information is on your ticket, which can be found in the sidebar menu "Tickets". To locate the Tickets menu, hit the three bars on the top left. Show the ticket to the event venue, and they will click the "View Ticket" button, then click "Use Ticket" button to redeem your ticket. We'll give you further info via email if you need to redeem it differently.

Do Events Sell Out?

Of course, so snap them up quick. If an event is sold out, and you are still interested, please let us know (Call or Email us from the in-app Help page. We'll always try our hardest to snag some more for you, but it's not guaranteed.

How Late Can I Book An Event?

If you see it in the app, it's yours for the taking. We'll keep all tickets open until the last possible moment.

Does GOERS support sending ticket to another user?

Yes! GOERS support sending ticket to another user. You can send ticket(s) from the list tickets in Tickets menu by:

  1. Open the detail page of your ticket that you want to send
  2. Click Send Tickets button on the bottom page
  3. Click Add Recipient button
  4. Enter recipient email address that you want to send the ticket to
  5. Click Done button, and an email with ticket code will be sent to the recipient email address that you've entered

How to cancel ticket that I’ve sent to another user?

You can cancel the sending of your ticket by opening the detail page of your ticket, click Delivery Status button, and click Cancel button then choose Yes to confirm the cancellation of ticket delivery. Ticket sending will be canceled to other user and returned to you.

Why I can’t claim ticket that sent to me?

Please make sure that you use the ticket code to claim your ticket according to the ticket code that is sent to your email. Also, make sure you are claiming the ticket within the time limit. If you continue to have problem when claiming your ticket, please contact us at

How to use ticket code that is sent to my email?

Before using your ticket code that is sent to your email, make sure you have Goers app installed on your smartphone. If you haven’t installed Goers app, download Goers app by clicking this link
After installing Goers app, you can use your ticket code by:

  1. Open Tickets menu
  2. Click Use Ticket Code button
  3. Enter ticket code that you receive in your email
  4. Then your ticket is successfully claimed and will appear in your list of tickets.

What will happened when I cancel sending ticket ?

When you cancel the sending of the ticket, it will be returned to you and listed in Tickets menu. Also, an email will be sent to recipient email address that you entered before to notify the cancellation.

What will happened when ticket claim period has been expired?

If ticket claim period has expired, you can’t claim the ticket anymore. And the ticket will be returned to the sender. Please contact your ticket sender to send it again. Sender ticket information can be accessed from email that Goers sent to you.

Can I send ticket that I’ve claimed ?

You become the owner of the ticket if you already claimed ticket that is sent to you. So you can send the ticket to another user.


Do I need to pay ticket that sent to me ?

No. You don’t have to pay anything. Ticket sender has paid the ticket and you only need to claim the ticket using the code that is sent to your email.


How Do I Change My Account Information?

Go to "Settings" in the sidebar menu. There you can update your personal details, interest preferences and notification settings.

Where Can I Give Feedback?

Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll answer any questions you may have, listen to your feedback, or just have a friendly chat if you're feeling lonely. Rain or shine, early breakfast or last cocktail – we'd love to hear from you!

  • Pop an email to
  • Call or email us from the in-app Help page
  • Send mail or telegram to:
      Menara MTH 10th Floor, Suite 1005
      Jl. MT Haryono Kav. 23